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Sher Dil (1954)

  • LanguageHindi

On the occasion of the birthday of princess shobha the wily general veersingh plans to kill the innocent princess and acquire the throne of her father, mansingh, the king. Brave Bahadursingh cleverly removes the princess to the domain of jagirdar thakursingh. Shobha’s mother, the queen, dies and the king cries for his daughter, veersingh dubs the king as a madman and makes him a prisoner, veersingh puts puppet sursingh on the throne.
    Kiledar bahadursingh’s wife Panna sacrifices her own child to save the life of the princess and in doing this she too gives up her own life for the noble cause.
    Under the protection of thakursingh, bahadursingh trains princess into a perfect warrior. By her exploits she becomes known everywhere as “SHER-DIL” Pratap, the son of thakursingh becomes a henchman of Sher-dil, and helps her in her exploits, vijaykumar, the son of sursingh falls in love with shyama, the sister of Pratap.
    Sher-dil, Pratap, vijaykumar, shyama and the comedians shani and soma and mangla, & with their AUSTIN KI BACCHI form a formidable group of whom virsingh stands in mortal dread. Sursingh is imprisoned in the fort. Sher-dil, pratap, shani, mangla and shobha helped by the people attack the fort. Veersingh is in the act of killing the king and sursingh. Suddenly vijay, sher-dil and pratap appear on the scene and veersingh has to run away by plane. See on the screen how good ultimately triumphs over evil.