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Sher-E-Hindustan (1998)

  • LanguageHindi

To maintain Law and for the sake of humanity Kranti Kumar (MITHUN CHAKRABORTY) takes an oath and becomes an Inspector of Thana Rampur. When he reaches Rampur, he finds that there is no semblance of law & order. Instead he finds that even now Chowdhury (GULSHAN GROVER) rules in an autocratic manner. Very soon Chowdhury's sons (Tej Sapru & Hemant Birje) approach Kranti Kumar with an order that though he would be paid by the Government, he would have to serve Chowdhury. This is the customs of this Thana. Inspector doesn't utter a word, but only gives a stern look at them  the look of the Law abiding Officer.

Sensing their disaster in that look, they rush back to their father and request him to get rid of the Inspector immediately otherwise the empire as well as the ruling power of the Chowdhury family would be abolished. Chowdhury immediately rushed to Kranti Kumar. First he tries to make him understand, then he tries to bribe him, then threatens him.

When he finds that all this is of no avail he gets the Inspector transferred through the Police Commissioner.

But Kranti Kumar can't desert the villagers and leave them at the mercy of Chowdhury. He finally gives his resignation and takes an oath that till he frees them from the evil clutches of Chowdhury, he will leave no stone unturned.

On hearing this Kranti Kumar's father (PUNIT ISSAR) the S.P. of Police sends is wife (LEKHA GOVIL) and daughter to bring him home. But on reaching Rampur, when they witness the scene, they change their minds and follow Kranti Kumar.

Meanwhile elections take place. Kranti Kumar also contests in them, because all atrocities are committed by Chowdhury in the name of village head. Kranti Kumar wins the election. For this the credit goes to his beloved (SANGHVI).

On losing the election Chowdhury becomes violent. In the meantime Kranti Kumar's father along with Commandos storm into Rampur to take back Kranti Kumar dead or alive.

This is manipulated by Chowdhury. He is also sure that in the conflict either father or son will die. The one who survives will be taken care of by the law.

Does Chowdhury succeed? Or 

Is he punished for his atrocities?

Do the people of Rampur get freed from their slavery?

Come find out for yourself on screen.

(From the official press booklets)


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