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Zakhmi Sipahi (1995)

  • LanguageHindi

"ZAKHMI SIPAHI" is the story of a wounded soldier.

D.S.P. Shakti is a duty bound honest police officer, but he cannot forget the wounds given by Om Choudhary, Amar Sharma and Das Babu in his childhood.

These three are responsible for the death of Shakti's father and madness of his mother.

The wounds of Shakti cannot be healed by the time and with the change of time the fate once again brings Shakti to face the three.

Om Choudhary is the party president, Amar Sharma has become S.P and Das Babu is M.P. They enjoy all the prestige in the society and to triumph it they are supported by Om Choudhary's younger brother Chota Choudhary who is a Mad Killer. He kills a press photographer. Inspector Jyoti sees it and she gives the witness in the court. Chota Choudhary is prisoned. He challenges Shakti and says, "Wait till my release. My only aim is to kill you."

What happened next ?  

Who succeeds in the war between good and bad ?  

To know all this see K.C. Bokadia's "ZAKHMI SIPAHI''.

(From the official press booklet)


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