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Shikari (1991)

  • LanguageHindi

Five year old Shankar along with his pet elephant Appu, carries the dead body of his baby sister and also drags his badly wounded mother along. This unfortunate family has suffered a severe tragedy.

Years later........

Shankar (Mithun) Chanchal (Varsha) along with Appu the elephant won the hearts of the people by entertaining them with their acrobatic tricks in their small street-circus. Chanchal had lost her heart completely to Shankar.

Around that time a Soviet Circus was touring India. Natasha was the Star performer of this Circus - The Ring-master Sergei was in love with her. The Circus troupe in a Special train was on its way to Delhi - Fakira (Naseer) disguised as a railway porter also boards this train - on the way, in the process of finding the whereabouts of Nahaar (Amrish Puri) Fakira kills Harisingh (Amritpal) the Indian Manager of the Circus - The killing of Harisingh cooled some of the burning embers of the fire of revenge that raged in Fakira's heart pulling the Emergency Chain Sergei stops the train... in the ensuing confusion Natasha's performing bear Misha gets off the train only to get lost in the jungle... Natasha runs looking for Misha and Sergei runs after Natasha... Just then the train takes off without them.

In the jungle Shankar finds Natasha lying unconscious on the ground. He takes her home to his village... A storm of anger and jealousy bursts forth from Chanchal and one day in order to keep Shankar away from Natasha she steals Appu and takes off with him into the jungle.

In the jungle Bose (Gulshan Grover) and Bob (Lilliput) both come across Appu... find for their purposes of smuggling heroin they badly needed the elephant... In the course of seizing the elephant they killed Chanchal.

Bose and Bob were Nahaar's associates... Fakira wanted to use them to lead him to Nahaar... Dressed as a police officer he first seized the heroin from them and after tricking them he had them fooled... Who was Fakira... And why was he so keen to get to that man Nahaar?

In search of Appu, Shankar reaches the very warehouse where heroin was being loaded into Appu's cage... Seeing Shankar there Fakira, Bose and Bob fled in the confusion.

Shankar and Natasha were now very much in love with each other... Shankar's mother was chronically ill... the situation became such that Shankar along with his sickly mother and Appu joined the circus team and left for Russia and with them went that cage that had crores of rupees worth of heroin hidden in it.

In order to keep track of the heroin Fakira, Bose and Bob also go to Russia... Shankar's mother was admitted in a hospital for treatment... It was there that Natasha noticed a locket very similar to the one she had seen around Harisingh's neck. The mother is certain that he was Shankar's father... On knowing that his father was murdered Shankar swore he'd find his father's killer and get even with him.

One night Fakira quietly gets into the Circus so as to retrieve the heroin still hidden in Appu's cage but Appu caused such a big commotion with his screeching and trumpeting that Fakira had to flee-Spotting him Natasha tells Shankar, that was the man who killed his father... Shankar chases after him but Fakira escapes.

Observing the ever increasing love blooming Shankar and Natasha, the jealous Sergei just cannot bear it... He starts to plan out a way to keep them apart from each other.

The horrors that Shankar's family suffered on that fateful day were still fresh in Appu's keen elephantine memory-which is why he always went wild with anger whenever he heard an explosion... By chance Sergei realized this and one day when Shankar and Natasha were happily playing with some children he burst some balloon, the sounds of which drove Appu berserk and in his frenzy broke loose... The result was that Appu was condemned a dangerous, mad rogue elephant.

It became imperative for Shankar and Appu to return to India but.... Did Shankar and Appu manage to return? How did Shankar tackle Farika?

Did Fakira manage to get to that man Nahaar?

Did Shankar and Natasha finally consummate their true love for one another?

For hunting out the exciting, electrifying thrilling and adventure filled answers to all these suspenseful question.... SEE AND ENJOY.....SHIKARI... the Hunter!!!....

(From the official press booklet)


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