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Vardi (1988)

  • GenreAction, Crime, Drama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time132 min
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan, Film City, Essel, R. K. Studios, Filmalaya

Vardi is the story of the Police. Of the people who glorified the police force of the people who fought for the country and the evil people who fought against it, and how they were ultimately destroyed by the Gallant Police of India.

Bhagwan Singh a Police Constable and Vinod Verma a Police Inspector , they were good friends, in fact Bhagwan Singh’s son Ajay lived with Verma’s wife Shanti and son Anil. One day Kallan and Lalchand two criminals attack a convoy of arms being escorted by Bhagwan and Verma. A battle ensues and Kallan is caught. Lalchand escapes and Kidnaps Verma’s son Anil and blackmails him to handover the arms or else he will kill Anil. Verma is in a fix and the love for his family overpowers his duties and Verma goes to hand over the arms. But Lalchand double crosses Verma and informs that he has killed Anil and now he will kill Verma also but Bhagwan Singh appears ashamed and promises a dying Bhagwan Singh that he will never sell his country again at any cost. Bhagwan Singh dies leaving behind his now orphaned son Ajay in the hands of Verma. Lalchand realizing his defeat escapes out of the country swearing revenge.

14 years later Ajay grows up to be a celebrated Police Officer, Inspector Verma has now become the Commissioner of Police, and they were a happy family.

Jai lived with Shambhu in a basti robbing the rich and helping the poor.

Lalchand after living in exile for 14 years returns to take revenge on Verma. On Ganpati day Lalchand along with his gang attacks the procession and tries to shoot Verma but Jai who is in the Ganpati procession saves the Commissioner. Ajay nabs one of the killers and the arrest of him leads to the dramatic arrest of Rudra, Lalchand’s chief henchman. Lalchand is worried and desperate for the release of Rudra. Lalchand when he comes to know that Shambhu is the father of Jai confronts him and reveals the past that Jai is not Shambhu’s son but the Commissioner Verma’s long lost kidnapped son, he blackmails Shambhu and Jai by kidnapping the Basti children and Jai is forced to release Rudra meanwhile Shambhu is murdered but before dying he reveals to Inspector Ajay that Jai is supposed to be the dead son of the Commissioner who he had kidnapped as a child and that Jai plans to release Rudra. Ajay is shocked in disbelief, and becomes emotional. He realizes that this is the only opportunity for him to pay back Verma and family for bringing him up like a son and making him a Police Officer,

He decides that he must prevent Jai from committing any crime, so that he can present Jai to his parents with a clean slate. Ajay rushes to the Police Station and decides to shift Rudra to a safe jail. Ajay leaves with Rudra but Jai attacks and Ajay is unable to shoot Jai because he knows who Jai really is. Ajay is suspended for this but he is tight lipped about Jai, as he knows the temperament of the Commissioner. Ajay is thrown out of the house and searches for Jai and finally reveals the truth to Jai about his family. Ajay and Jai now come together to catch the villains. How Ajay and Jai plan and trick Lalchand out of hiding into the court of Justice and how good wins over evil, you will here to see “Vardi”.


(From the official press booklet)



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