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Shradhanjali (1981)

  • LanguageHindi

A wife who fulfills the wishes of her husband & keeps his name alive, i.e. Savitri.. . Sati Savitri.
This is the story of one such woman. Providence deprived her of all that with which she was emotionally attached. 

But in spite of all this, she never lost her heart nor her courage. 

They say, God, helps those who help themselves. 

She too was blessed by God. 

She married Amit and madly loved him. It was the dawn of happiness for her. Her mother—in—law was more than a mother to her, and her brother—in—law more than a brother Her devoted husband made her world complete but alas; all this was short-lived. 

Amit and his mother were ruthlessly murdered. 

Her only mission in life was to take revenge of the death of her husband and now Kali in her became manifest.
Did she succeed in her mission? For answer see `SHRADHANJALI' on screen.....

(From the official press booklet)