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Shriman Shrimati (1982)

  • LanguageHindi

Shankarlal and his wife Parvati-Shriman, Shrimati, dedicated as they are-move around to give happiness to others in distress, especially to those whose lives are disrupted by emotional chaos. Yes! That was their prime aim in life and they had their own personal reason to pursue their mission.

Veena, a sensitive lonely girl brought up by her aunt in a typical village style, knows nothing but rural life and superstitions in contrast to her best childhood friend aruna, who is the only daughter of surajmal, a rich landlord of the same village, aruna is educated and her outlook is totally as modern as her attire:

Both attain married status under strange circumstances. Simple and uneducated veena finds her husband rajesh most modern and western in bearing. Rajesh’s only complaint that led veena’s life to misery was that she does not don scanty clothes, she always prefers a traditional saree.

Aruna, who enjoyed freedom and luxury throughout, fails to understand her husband madhu’s simplicity and humbleness. Aruna’s superiorty complex rocks her marriage.

Shriman and shrimati have thus entered into the lives of aruna and veena to effect a change in their lives.

(From the official press booklet)