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Sindoor Aur Bandook (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

The Gun is nobody's friends. it only knows to, destroy homes, make wiodow's and children orphans if the gun is in the hands of a soldier he uses it to protect his country if it is in the hands of Traitor, or aman misled he uses it against harmless people. 

This story about such a daku Jwala Singh who was misled by wrong Principles. Who created terror in the minds of people and people had no voice in this, but one day the police catches up with him and destory's his den, during this encounter the daku's wife Laxmi along with her two children escaps the encounter in her hurry to escape she loses one child and as fate has its own will the lost child is found by the chaudhrain whose husband had been killed by the same daku Jwala and she unknowingly cares for this child and he becomes her support. 

In the village the lala creates havoc and terrorises the villagers, the villagers, the lalas daughter Basanti is in lovbe with Deva the Chaudhrains Son, In one of their contributions the lala's son Pratap is killed accidently by Deva, Deva no satisfied by the court's Verdict run's away from court and to prove his innocence is forced to tak up a Gun lala seeks protection from Deva but to no avail, Basant who is in love with Deva wants to marry him, but the lala responsible for Basanti Death. Inspector Vijay is after Dad-va and Deva, but Deva, who has promised the chaudrain that if he finds Deva he would kill him and revange the death of her husband does not know what fate was held for him as it his played hide and seek with him. Thus to find out what fate has in store for him and to find out who was Jwala Daku 

Whether Deva took his revenge
 whether Inspector , Vijay arrested both 
of them 
To find out all these answers see 
    "Sindoor Aur Bandook"

(From the official press booklet)