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Wohi Bhayaanak Raat (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

This film starts with a thunderous night which is called deadly night for human beings & a grace for the devils. In lonely Haveli the very same night one woman gives birth to a child and a box tied with chain breaks. One light comes out from the box and enters into child.
                                                                                                    Time passes away

One night Vicky meets Rupali in a forest. She lives an impact of being a soul. When she meets Vicky she doesn't recognise him. But she traps him in her love. Both fall into love of each other and takes oath to get married.

The very same Haveli is in front of Vicky's house in which, today, a well known rich man Mr. Kumar Sahib is living. One night Vicky sees Kumar sucking blood of a human being. He goes on telling to everybody, to his friends, his mother, to Police and his beloved Rupali. Nobody believes him and makes jokes of him.
When Kumar comes to know that Vicky knows his reality, he falls after his life. Vicky enters into the Haveli with guts to face the ghost, he sees Rupali's big portrait hanging on wall.

Vicky is amazed....

What is the relation of Kumar with Rupali?

Is Rupali too a "Ghost" like Kumar?

Does Kumar succeed to kill Vicky and hide reality?

To know about this secret & suspense see horrifying spine chiller film "WOHI BHAYAANAK RAAT" with lilting songs.
(From the official press booklets)