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Sipah salar (1956)

  • LanguageHindi

The treacherous Governor (Randhir) ousts the good King and captures the throne. The King flees and takes refuge in a neighbouring country, while his loyal and trust-worthy Sipah Salar (S. Nazir) goes underground and continues the guerilla warfare against the villainous Governor.
The King decides to send a secret message to the Sipah Salar. A certain Captain (Shammi Kapoor) of a neighbouring country undertakes to do this hazardous task of delivering this message.
Disguised as a Truck-Driver, he sets on his secret mission. He is stopped and recognised at the border by the Major (Sham Kumar) but escapes. He is chased by the enemy into the bushes, where he meets a beautiful patriot (Nadira) who is fighting guerilla warfare under the command of Sipah Salar. With the help of this girl, Captain continues his journey to fulfil his dangerous mission. How they finish this blazing trail of death and danger is a tale of courage and sacrifice beyond comparison.

(From the official press booklet)

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