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Som Mangal Shani (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

Somnath, Mangal Khan, and Sunny D'Costa are three bosom friends and they are collectively named as "SOM-MANGAL-SHANI" binding them in one. SOM-MANGAL have their parents in nearby village while Shani comes from a City where the three taking their education have enter Colleger for Higher Studies. 

SOM-MANGAL are given motherly affection to them. They follow the path of virtue of truth and in the struggle, most unusual occurrence separate the three as SOM-MANGAL are restricted from the college for one year though they are innocent. They return to the village while SHANI continuing his studies with a heavy heart. In the village SOM-MANGAL work hard to uplift the innocent dwellers who suffer at the hands of the wealthy, who do not bear the mission of SOM-MANGAL and rape SOM's Sister and when. the two friends are bent upon to punish the Sinners they are mercilessly tortured by the hirelings of the Wealthy. SOM-MANGAL are left unconscious out the outskirt of the village and when two regain their senses they find themselves surrounded by an army of docoit's whose leader offers them the services to Punish the sinners.

Times does not wait for anyone, while SOM-MANGAL being stamped as dacoits are bussy punishing the sinners, the enemies of the society. SHANI has completed his graduation and joins the Police Force who is out to punish the dacoits. His mother comes to know about the activities of SOM-MANGAL and is disturbed. The twosome have taken law in their hands to punish the criminals of the society, while the other has taken up the duty to punish them.

The fears battle of emotions drama, love, affection, and thrill is let loose to the sky height.

 What happens? Who succeeds? Do the three friends Unite? Does the raped sister meet her brother? Does the love of mother triumph.


(From the official press booklet)