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Daku Kali Bhawani (2000)

  • Release Date2000
  • LanguageHindi

Fauji Bhawani Pratap Singh is treated not only respectfully but with great reverence. Oneday a injured dacoit Kali Singh takes shelter and falls uncouscious in the house of Bhawani Pratap Singh, Who treats him and nurses him but as a good and responsible citizen, goes to inform police in the meantime Kali Singh gains consciousness and runs away Bhawani Pratap Singh becomes the Victim of law and is implicated for giving shelter to an outlaw.

Bhawani Pratap Singh's sister is raped by Thakur, Lala inspector and a dacoit Shaitan Singh. Dacoit Kali Singh pays the debt of Bhawani Pratap Singh and brings his family in his shelter and set Bhawani Pratap Singh free from the police.

To know further what complications and hurdles come in the way of Fauji Bhawani Pratap Singh and Kali Singh and whether they could eliminate the destroyers of his Sister's life or they failed due to strict guard of law.

Watch the Film Daku Kali Bhawani and decide who was right and who was wrong.

[from the official press booklet]