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Subhdhra Haraan (1974)

  • LanguageHindi

The festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami was lavishly being celebrated in Dwarka. Arjun was one of the invitees. During the festival Shri Krishna manages to bring his sister Subhdhra so close to Arjun that both fall in love. Arjun presents Subhdhra with a valuable ring, and goes away on pilgrimage with the blessing of Shri Krishna. 

Here Subhdhra's elder brother Balram promises Bheeshmacharya to get Subhadhra married to Kauravapati DURYODHAN. During his pilgrimage, Arjun was shocked to learn from NARAD about Subhadhra's betrothal to DURYODHAN. NARAN advised Arjun to got the outskirts of Dwarka in disguise of a Sanyasi. Arjun agrees to this and takes with him Bheemputra Ghatotkach, who helps Arjun in his adventures with is miraculous powers. 

Balram is bewildered to learn that with the blessings of Sanyasi one of his bodyguards wide miraculously gave birth to a child. Not knowing that the Sanyasi was Arjun himself, Balram brings him to his palace and asks Subhdhra to look after him personally. Thus Arjun and Subhadhra have series of love meetings in the palace. 

Shri Krishna arranges to send brother Balram on pilgrimage and in his absence gets Subhdhra married to Arjun. 

But before the couple could leave DWARKA, Balram arrives. All the efforts of Krishna fall in vain. Balram becomes furious battle follows. What next? See the solution on the silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)