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Suryaa (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

It has been seen end heard that feudals ruling on suppressed and reared up farmers has almost become a rightful tradition for them. To break through this slavery, a self-respected farmer Veer Singh first time takes the liberty to refuse the orders of Gangadhar Choudhary and revolts against him - the result he gets killed by the Choudhary. 
He dies leaving behind a boy called Suraj Singh who later on is chased out from the town SHIKARPUR. 

The wheel of time churns out Suraj Singh as a gallant soldier who gets awarded the Veer Chakra, twice. He resigns and returns to his native place with a feeling that he has fought enough for the country and the rest he would fight to uproot the injustice planted by Choudhary on the soil of Shikarpur, where the authorities have failed to bring peace and harmony. 

A collector who is posted newly, hails from a Rajput family, is above his needs of security and certainty of post. He tries to comb the problems of farmers but eventually finds a solution, installing Suraj Singh against Gangadhar Choudhary, within the frame of law and order. The confrontation starts and Suraj Singh gradually convinces the people of the town to exercise their right and revolt against the injustice of Choudhary. 

Inspector lqbal, a childhood friend of Suraj Singh repeatedly checks him not to go out of the limits of law and order and promises him that he would get back the rights of people positively, but he fails in his official duties as his higher authorities are reluctant. 

He too resigns and joins the force of Suraj and finally the whole town awakens and revolts against the tyranny of Choudhary and succeeds in yielding their movement of GREEN REVOLUTION. A new dawn, new light — SURYAA lights the town bright.

(From the official press booklet)