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Tarkeeb (1984)

  • LanguageHindi

Tarkeeb focus on the Hypocrite criminals hidden in the society. Naagpal is a big smuggler. All the truck  drivers are exploited for their needs and innocence.

Dinesh is an honest truck driver living happily with her blind sister.

Naagpal's cruel gang involves Khan, a driver into a runaway crime but Dinesh catches him to set an example. He forms a  Union for the benefits of the brother drivers.

Dinesh too brings Sunder who is trapped by a wayside girl leaving his simple wife.

Somehow Dinesh is trying to set all the problems of drivers but.

Naagpal & his son Vikram go wild seeing their business being interrupted by the unity of drivers. They try all their ruthless game by planting Dinesh in crime and ultimately into the jail.

Innocent Dinesh is helped by Sunder and beloved Bela who's running a wayside  hotel.

Tarkeeb takes a dramatic turn. Dinesh breaks the jail to prove his innocence. How does Naagpal react? Does he keep quiet?

How Vikram & Naagpal are exposed? A tense thrilling news reveal all this on silver Screen.

(From the official press booklet)



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