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Teen Sardar (1965)

  • LanguageHindi

"Sherdil see that this Taviz reaches the hands of Bakhtavar, the Army Chief of Hushnabad, at any cost. It will change the future of Hushnabad. And this dagger take out the flesh and blood of Vazir-e-Azam Suleman with this dagger because with this very dagger, he had tried to take the life of your Father one day. I have brought you up like a son only for this work."This is what Yawar told to Sherdil one day. Then. Yawar was not the Father of Sherdil? No. 

Sherdil starts for Hushnabad but on the way, loses the Taviz. He comes to know about this loss only when he had already come to Bakhtavar. He returns back to the way-inn. On way back, he finds the princess Nilofar in an unconscious condition. But when he reaches the way-inn, he learns that the proprietor of the way-inn has already left for Hushnabad with the Taviz.

 And the inevitable has happened. The Taviz reaches where it should not have comes to the hands of Suleman, who arrests Bakhtavar on the charge of the: murder of the Princess. Even the Queen is imprisoned by him. 

And then the blood-thirsty swards of Teen Sardar come out, to take the revenge, to once again establish the truth and bring back justice and peace to the kingdom of Hushnabad.

Who were these Teen Sardar?

Who was Yawar?
What was the mystery in the Taviz?

Whether Sherdil was killed with the dagger and who was the Father of Sherdil?..........
All these questions will be answered on the Silver Screen only.

(From the official press booklet)