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Tel Malish Boot Polish (1961)

  • LanguageHindi

Reveals ' Dignity of Labour ' in a very Dramatic & Mitsical pattern 

Santa (SHEIKH MUKHTAR) was a schedule caste ( Mochi ). Day in and day out, he did ' TEL MALISH and BOOT POLISH ' to educate his younger brother and thus place him on a higher pedestal in the society. After a long and hard labour, he made his brother Raju (CHANDRA SHEKHAR ) a matriculate. However, misfortune struck him. Raju, inspite of his tiresome efforts, could not get a job. He, ultimately, took up boot polishing as he hated to be a parasite on his elder brother. But Santa could not bear his hopes shattered. A very tense dramatic situation is created. Raju pleads that every honest and hard earned bread is rightful and that is what the education teaches.
At last, it was Seth Pande's charming daughter, Sheel, who through her secretary Miss Happiness got Raju an employment in the Worli garage. In fact, a few days earlier, Sheel had already met Raju in incidents, which in youth, happened to be both pleasant and unpleasant, followed by more such incidents, thus bringing them so close to each other that they could sacrifice anything for the sake of LOVE.

As destiny plays havoc with true lovers, so it did with Raju and Sheel. Girdhari who had been sent to Europe by Seth Pande ji for higher education, returned to Bombay. Pande ji had his own plans to marry his daughter Sheel with Girdhari. But when Girdhari learnt that Sheel loved Raju, he got Raju dismissed from the service. Sheel refused to marry Girdhari. But Pande ji was adamant. The bright days of both Sheel and Raju were over and dark days were ahead. In the midst of this unfortunate ' mess , Raju's brother Santa fell ill. Things might have taken a brighter turn, but when Pande ji learnt that Raju was Mochi ' by caste, he confined his daughter within the four wails of his bungalow. 

THEN how dignity of labour is uplifted, caste system is smashed to smithereens and the true love gets its due reward, has been musically revealed in "TEL MALISH BOOT POLISH"

(From the official press booklet)