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Thanedaar (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

Thakur Ajgar Singh the cruel, treacherous landlord of Jaalkot appoints two `Contractors' Peter and Lawrence to arrange the killing of an honest, brave, Police Inspector Jagdish Chander.

 Jagdish, the father of two sons, Avinash & Brijesh, is killed. His younger son, Brijesh, goes after the killer and kills him but lands up with Peter and Lawrence. Jagdish's elder son, Avinash, is adopted by his uncle, S.P Kumar, and grows up to be a brave and honest Police Inspector He gets an award for arresting the dreaded dacoit Saudagar Singh. Avinash has a beautiful wife Sudha and a lovely daughter Babli, but he still misses his lost younger brother Brijesh. Brijesh on the other hand has grown up into a very smart and streetwise crook called Birju. He has become like that because of his so-called 'Uncles Peter and Lawrence. Birju along with Chanda's help robs a jeweler's shop. He has a very narrow escape from Inspector Avinash in the process, Birju rescues Avinash's daughter from some kidnappers and takes her to her house but leaves before Avinash can come back home. Chanda who has been arrested is released by Avinash on the condition that she will go back to her village Jallkot. In the meanwhile, the news of the Thakur's atrocities reaches the Police Head Quarters and Avinash takes up the case.

Birju rebels against Peter and Lawrence because they try to double-cross him. He meets Avinash on the train to Jaalkot and a fight follows in which Avinash notices the mark on Birju's hand and recognises him to be his lost brother but before he can say anything he is thrown out of the train by Birju.

Birju arrives at Jaalkot where he is mistaken for Inspector Avinash. He takes over the charge of the Police Station and meets Thakur Ajgar Singh. Chanda who has also arrived at Jaalkot is kidnapped by the Thakur Birju rebels against the Thakur and forces him to free Chanda. There is a big celebration in the village after which Chanda meets Birju and tells him how her parents were brutally murdered by the Thakur and convinces Birju to stay back and take her revenge.

Avinash s wife Sudha comes to Jaalkot. Birju is trapped by the Thakur's henchman, Mangal, when suddenly a masked man comes out of nowhere and saves him. Sudha arrives at the village and after meeting her Birju confesses to Chanda about having killed Avinash. Chanda convinces him to stay back and fight the cruel Thakur. 

Mangal is killed by the Thakur's henchman Shani and the villagers hold Birju responsible. Birju in turn challenges the Thakur and defeats Shani in a fight to finish, where again a masked man saves him from being trapped. The Thakur appoints Peter and Lawrence to kill Birju. 

Birju discovers that the Inspector he killed was his own elder brother Avinash. He tells this to Chanda but is overheard by Peter and Lawrence. They tell everything to Sudha. The Thakur holds Chanda captive and tells Birju to return the documents he has against the Thakur Birju comes home for the documents and is confronted by Sudha who is about to shoot him when Avinash arrives and tells them that he was the masked man. 

Together Birju and Avinash overpower the Thakur Lawrence and Peter But Saudagar Singh lands up with Sudha and Babli as his captives Birju and Avinash together win the nearly lost battle. 

Birju is released by the court and all of them are one big happy family again.

(From the official press booklet)