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Toofan (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

“TOOFAN" is a story that is narrated in every age. But it never becomes stale or old. A king and his chief minister. 

The king does not take interest in the administration as a ruler. The power is wielded by the chief minister who tyrannises and oppresses the people in the name of the king. Balbir Singh, an indignant knight raises the voice of revolt. It is silenced with the death of his infant son Badel under the hooves of horses. Kidnapping the king's son Suraj, Balbir Singh goes away to a distant village with his wife and lives under a different name. Br ought up by Balbir and his wife with love and affection Suraj is known as Badal, a simple rustic youth who loved to sing and dance. His another name is ‘Toofan’ who is out to take revenge on the oppressors and tyrants.

While the poor people hail 'Toofan' as their saviour, the tyrant's soldiers are afraid of him. They do not know, who is 'Toofan'! From where does he come? Where does he disappear? Even the village chief's daughter Barkha who loves Badal does not know, nor does Jyoti whom Badal regards as his sister.

 One day the soldiers kidnap Jyoti. The chief minister's son Deepak tries to molest her. In the scuffle, she dies. The incident is another blot on the King's name. Infuriated Badal rushes to the palace in the guise of 'Toofan' only to find how helpless are the king and the queen. Now he knows the real game of the chief minister.

 Badal becomes aware of his true identity, and so does the chief minister. He plans his last to master move. He summons the strongest man in the state, asks him to put on the disguise of “Toofan” and kill Badal, hoping that he would get rid of both the Prince and ‘Toofan' His plan succeeds. Badal is killed. 'Toofan' is arrested and sentenced to death for killing Badal alias Suraj, the Prince. 

But since Suraj, Badal and 'Toofan' are the three names of the same man, who is the person who was murdered? Who is the killer? And who is awaiting his death sentence as, ‘Toofan'? To these and other similar queries, you will find an answer when you see "TOOFAN"

(From the official press booklet)



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