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Vasantasena (1976)

  • LanguageHindi

Long ago, The Kingdom of Ujjain was the base of art & culture and the pride of BHARAT. Charudutt was a fabulously rich businessman of Ujjain-rich not only in Gold but also by heart. Him-self was also an accomplished singer In the same Kingdom, there was a beautiful courtesan by name VASANTASENA, who with her beauty and accomplishments was having all Ujjain at her feet.
The King of Ujjain appoints his brother-in-law Sakar to look after the affairs of the Kingdom. But poor Sakar instead of fulfilling his duties started harassing the people of Uljain. Nobody could dare to inform the King because the question was 'Who will bell the cat?" When nobody took the initiative, A RYA, a young and aggressive young-man came forward to achieve liberty for the people of Ujjain with the help of Anangsena and her associates.
In this civil war, Sakar who had an eye on Vasantasena in a mishap kills her and manages to produce Charudutt as the culprit in the court. Did Charudutt kill Vasantasena? What happend to Sakar? Who was Arya? Did Vasantasena was really killed?
The answer to all these questions is music & action packed, love-story "VASANTASENA" 

Remember it's a BOMBAY TALKIES presentation.

(From the official press booklet)



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