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Veer (1995)

  • LanguageHindi

 This story is about Veer (Dharmendra). He always keeps watch on goondas and country's His aim is to end evil. But who took Ram his look alike is exactly the opposite He and his friends Shyam both of them loot people and then laugh on them and celebrate it. Shyam (Kader Khan) has a twin brother who is an advocate. 

Veer has a frien called Arjun (Armaan Kohli). He is in search of his mother's culprit. One day he meets with commissioner's daughter (Gauthami) and falls in loves with her. There Rani (Jaya Pradha) also falls in love with Veer. 

But there is only one person who envies all this is Nagarjun alias tiger (Mukesh Khanna). He always law cheats law by changing his getups. He supplies arms to terrorists and spreads terrorism. Arjun kills tigers man and the don, Shabbir Lukkha. Chiku Tandia and Khalid Chooha (Rami Reddy)S, both are famous good as who fight with each other to become the don. They start shooting on the streets with which the innocent people become their target. This way to many people get killed, when the commissioner arrives he protects people but he is killed.

Khalid kills him, but the inspector Amar Mukhtar puts the blame on Arjun and arrests him. When Veer comes to know, He raises his voices against all this. So the inspector puts him behind the bars. Advocate Vishnanath tries to get justice for him but he is also killed. When Veer and Arjun come to know they evade from the jail. Khalid and Chiku get this news so they become friends and murder Rani. When Veer and Arjun come to know they start fight against these people but evil was more powerful than justices. Arjun is arrested Veer is killed before Veer dies he tells everything to about the culprits to Ram. Ram is awakened and realises his duties towards humanity and vows not to spare a single terrorist and any of the country's enemies. 

But what happens? Was Ram able to fulfill his mission?

Could Ram avenge his brother's death? was Tigera unmasked was Arjun able to avenge his mother's death For answers of all the above questions do see Jockey films and writers -director Kanti Shah's film VEER.

(From the official press booklet)



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