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Videsh (1984)

  • LanguageHindi

Many people go abroad (VIDESH) for a better life, Some for pleasure, and a few to get away from the law of their Motherland. Kapoor alias 'Yogi Prem Baba' a notorious international smuggler has returned to India after he had escaped from India during an emergency,. C.B.I is on the alert. Kapoor has manoeuvered Mrs. Parsad, wife of a high ranking C.B.I. officer, into a corn promising position with immigration and customs department of U K. This is done by kidnaping her only daughter Tina, living studying in U. K, and is engaged to be married to Vinod. 

Mr. Prasad dies of shock when his wife is caught at London Airport with a necklace, smuggled out by Kapoor which belongs to an ex-ruler of an Indian State & is the property of Govt. of India. 

Police officer Vinod is deputed to go to England to get Kapoor back to India, His reaching London brings Kapoor out in the open and the battle between law and crime begins. Kapoor owns a hotel (nightclub) in London which he uses as a cover for his illegal activities. He also gives shelter (protection) to illegal immigrants. "Dasha in one of them too who was used to kidnap Tina. Tina escapes by making Pasha her Raakhi Brother, Ajit Singh is a pop singer who sings at the Club owned by Kapoor, Ajit being illegal, is under Kapoor's thumb too, 

Police officer eventually breaks the case. Pasha the Muslim rakhi brother of Tina, gives his life for Tina. Ajit gets a passport to stay in U. K. for helping Vinod & British police Vinod along with British Police catch Kapoor alias 'Yogi Prem Baba' and is deported back to India by British Authorities to face justice. 

How this is done is to be seen and believed.

(From the official press booklet)