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Vijeta (1996)

  • LanguageHindi

A not-so-well-off lad, Ashok (Sunjay Dutt) clears his law exams, thanks to his scholarship He is an apprentice, learning the ways of the profession under the honest lawyer, Durgaprasad (Aloknath) Like Durgaprasad, Ashok too, believes in nothing but the truth.

Durgaprasad fails to provide justice to the workers and loses their case because the papers proving the workers' right over the land age in Satyamurti's (Deep Dhillon) custody, one of the builder's men. Ashok decides to take charge, resorts to might, and brings the crook to book. Satyamurti reveals the truth and suddenly, the tables are turned However, Durgaprasad does not approve of Ashok's unlawful means of extracting the truth. 

In another case involving a university, a corrupt builder, Vidyasagar (Paresh Rawal), is on the verge of being exposed by Durgaprasad In order to present this, Vidyasagar wants to assassinate Durgaprasad Durgaprasad and his wife are murdered outside the court in hire daylight but no harm is done to Vidyasagar as there is no proof regarding his involvement in the murder.

Ashok now believes that law is nothing but a farce. He wants to take the law into his hands and punish the criminals Ashok's beloved, Vijaya (Raveena Tandon), an honest police inspector also believes in punishing the culprits but within the constraints of the law although both believe in the triumph of truth, their principles clash and their means differ Thus, estrangement is inevitable. 

Ashok seems to be waging a lone battle. Will be emerge victorious?
To know the answer, you will have to view VIJETA'

(From the official press booklet)