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Vikram Vaital (1986)

  • LanguageGujarati

The story of vikram-vaital is based on the popular legends which are familiar with the common man in india. Though vikram is known as a historical figure and called ‘Chakravarti Vikramaditya’, even then the incidents weaved around him are basically legendry.
    Vikram’s father king gardhilla was killed by shakraj who was a tool in the hands of a tantric kapalik. Kapalik’s ambitions were big, vicious and he wanted to fulfill them with his cruel powers. When vikram became young he came to take back his father’s kingdom just to free his subjects from the cruelties of kapalik & shakraj. He aroused the sentiments of his people and made them brave enough to crush their enemy.
    First vikram came in open against the tyranny of meenakshi, the beautiful sister of shakraj, having full powers of the kingdom in her hands. She ordered to kill vikram and throw him in shipra river, but vikram was destined to bring back the well-being of his subjects. So with the blessings of goddess harsiddhi, he was saved and then he moved ahead to achieve his goal. In the due course he came across many such incidents which were dangerous enough to destroy him, but brave vikram faced all odds with wisdom & valour and met his ideal companion vaital, a super human-being having rare qualities of defeating kapalik in his own game of magical super powers.
    Kapalik did not want vikram to move safely to achieve his goal. So first he managed to send a burning snake in vikram’s belle and made him ugly with snake’s poison. But immediately after meeting mahananda, a great lady, with her devotion towards her husband, vikram was brought back to his original form.
    Then vikram, with the help of vaital came to meenakshi, who was attracted towards vikram since very beginning. Here also kapalik came on the scene and tried to crush vikram once again, but due to sati mahananda’s prayers vikram was saved again.
    Ultimately vikram got the keys from meenakshi to kill kapalik, the main force behind the tyranny of shakraj. It was ‘Panch dand’ the five magical sticks which kapalik’s existence was depending on. With the help of vaital, vikram got the first ‘dand’ from ashram, second from soona mahal, third from patal lok and fourth from akash mahal-all these places were protected by kapalik’s magical powers, but vikram pierced through them and achieved the four ‘dands’ with his extra ordinary valour.
    Finally vikram and vaital entered the climax, where kapalik wanted to snatch away the four ‘dands’ from vikram and save his own life. But he could not change the destiny by his devil designs. Both kapalik and shakraj were killed in the last battle with the help of vaital and vikram’s loyal subjects. Thus chakravarti vikramaditya enthroned the famous ‘Simhasan’ alongwith meenakshi & mahananda.