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Naag Pooja (1971)

  • GenreFantasy
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-64189-MUM
  • Certificate Date28/9/1971
  • Shooting LocationBasant Studios, Chembur

It was a question of great distress for the King of Vikrampur that who would become the successor of his throne after him. He always prayed to Lord Shiva to be blessed by a son. His prayers were effective and his elder wife Chandravati gave birth a child. The younger wife couldn't tolerate this and out of jealousy and anger, she managed to throw the infant in the jungles.......

King of Madhopur, Pratapsingh decided to marry his daughter Kiran with Suraj (who was brought-up by his minister). Accidently, Pratapsingh killed a saint-boy while he was getting married, the saint father of the widow girl cursed the king that his daughter shall see the similar day and if the king will try to disclose the curse he shall turn into a statue of stone. The king was sad, and at the time of marriage he was forced to disclose the curse of the saint to his wife and instantaneously he was turned into a statue of stone.

Suraj prayed the saint and could get the remedy by which king Pratapsingh will get back of his original figure. During the course of getting the Gold-Lotus from Kamrudesh, he met queen Mayawati, who befell for his handsomeness and charms but Suraj could get the Gold-Lotus with the help of his friend Mohan and made king Pratapsingh alright. The marriage of Suraj and Kiran was performed again. Queen Mayawati couldn't tolerate this and made Suraj crooked and ugly by her magic. Suraj never wanted to fill thrones in the life of Kirna and one day he decided to leave her. At the point when Suraj was leaving Kirna, she came before him and being Indian woman accompanied him for his journey to jungles to share joys and sorrows with him.

Kiran once saved a cobra from fire, Naag Devta was moved by this and gave her a boon that she will soon become mother of a child son and if this child will bring the Neel Mani from Madeshwar caves and touch it to the body of his father Suraj, he would acquire his original figure once again.

After some time a child son was born to Kiran, but queen Mayawati couldn't see them happy. She took away the child and threw him down from a cliff......

● Did that child die?

● Did the Boon of Naag Devta went in vain?

● Did Rani Chandrawati get her son back?

● Were the sacrifices and devotion of Kirna fruitful?

● Did true love prevailed over the passions and lust?

To get the answers of all these questions, you must see the most wonderous mythological colour movie "NAAG POOJA" of producer Virendrakumar.

(From the official press booklet)