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Wapas (1969)

  • LanguageHindi

Rekha was the only daughter of rich parents. She had extreme temprament. She was emotional and insistant. She fell in love with Ajay, a youngman of very moderate means. Her mother didn’t approve of her choice. This turned Rekha a rebel. She left the luxuries of her parental home for ever and married Ajay all by herself.
She started a new life of moderation. As the years rolled by, she became the proud mother of a daughter and a son whom she named as Anju and Anil. 
Ultimately Ajay had a stroke of good luck. He got a break as the hero in films. As his increased, it brought in its trail busier routine for Ajay Shooting, parties, functions and opening ceremonies took all of his time. He could hardly allot any time to Rekha or his children whom he loved very dearly 
Rekha treated this as the demand of his new profession. She kept herself busy in bringing up the children.
All would have ended well if some unforeseen happenings had not taken place.
The root evil was Maya Devi, the heroine who had been working with Ajay She was fast loosing her demand at the box office. Her scheming mother thought of a publicity stunt. She gave the newspapers stories of Ajay and Maya’s imaginary romance. 
Rekha could bear no more. She left Ajay and went to live with her parents. And that to was not the end of the tussle. It was only the beginning. She got a court order for legal separation and was also allowed to keep her daughter with her. Ajay got custody of young son.
Rekha went to Delhi with Anju while Anil remained in Bombay with Ajay the gulf between the husband and wife widened. The children pined to meet cither parents. Anju wanted to meet her father and anil wanted to meet his mother.
It was decided to exchange the children. Anju came down to Bombay Anil was supposed to go to delhi. They lived together a couple of days and the bond of blood brought them so closer that they didn’t want to be separated again on the day of departure of anil, it was discovered that both the children have disappeared mysteriously.
When Rekha was informed, she misunderstood the incident as a mere ruse of Ajay and accused him of trying to possess both the children by unfair means.
She suspected Maya Devi’s share in the scheme.
She even ultimately found the children in her house.
But she was no party in the game.   
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