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Yaadgaar (1984)

  • LanguageHindi

Raju is a mischievous village prankster-for him life is a happy-go-lucky philosophy pulling peoples’ legs much to their chagrin. No amount of reprimanding by his father effects any change in Raju’s behavior. Together with his friends he revels in “crying wolf” and conning the villagers.

What would have been just one of those tricks, turns without warning into a calamity in the boy’s life. Pretending to stage a film star’s show, Raju loses his father in the resulting stampede and pandemonium. The incident makes Raju a sadder but wiser man as ironically no one lifts a finger to help him dismissing it as another of his pranks. Raju decides to leave for the city and put up in the house of his sister eking out a living by being an errand boy for the family and carrying out measly jobs. His sister’s mother-in-law condemns him as an ill-omen. His entry into the house is marked by accidents that cause him to be labelled as jinxed.

It is during his stay here that he meets the blind and beautiful Naini whom saves from the hands of hoodlums. A silent relationship develops between them, raju feels a pang of guilt for having replaced Naini’s mother who was the maid in the house.

If Raju was jinxed for his sister’s relations, he causes a change in the tide of fortunes for the wealthy businessman Rai Bahadur kalpanath Rai a man with a rich heritage who gambles life and has reached a point where things were’nt exactly favourable. Raju brings the smile back to the face of this jovial man who brings Raju under his roof and stops the humiliation heaped on him by the family. Warding off all attempts to dissuade him from keeping Raju with him, Rai Bahadur develops a sublime attachement for Raju and thus an unusual human bond is established as two persons adrift on the sea of life came together in a memorable meeting. For a while the ship of life seems to have found its sails and the weather favours its journey. And then tragedy strikes. Raju’s life is in imminent danger as fate plays a cruel trick. Rai Bahadur is ready to move heaven and earth to ensure that his relationship with Raju is not wiped away-a memorable struggle of life and death begins as Raju’s detractors find the moment opportune to malign him and ursurp Rai Bahadur’s property. Once again Raju, Naini, Rai Bahadur and his child are at the mercy of a stormy sea. And a memorable human drama ensues. One that lives on beyond the boundaries of life and late. 

(From the official press booklet)