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Yaraana (1995)

  • LanguageHindi

This story is based on a girl 'Lalita' (Madhuri Dixit) who nourished by her blind Aunt (SulbhaDeshpande) and Uncle Madanlal (TejSapru). One day an ambitious rich man J.B. (RaajBabbar) sees Lalita. He decides to marry her. Madanlal is supporting J.B.'s desire. But Lalita runs away from the custody of J.B. Her fortune has gone to such a place where she gets unlimited love by a very nice young man Raj (Rishi Kapoor) and Dadaji (Kader Khan). Now Lalita& Raj are very good friends.

Also supported by Durga (Dina Pathak) &Dadaji's friend Dr. Rashid (Anil Dhawan) share Lalitha's happiness. But no more can she continue this vein of happiness.

J .B. is a very dangerous man. He is capable of anything for getting Lalita. He kills her blind Aunt &BankeNautankiwala (Shakti Kapoor) Also he becomes successful in making Raj &Dadaji believe that Lalita is her wife. Raj understands the truth later and he is going to bring Lalita from the clutches of J.B.

What Raj freedom to Lalita from J.B.'s custody.

What J.B. success to marriage with Lalita

What Raj,&Lalita meeting again

Every question is answer you can know. When you will seen a romantic & dramatic film 'YARAANA'.

(From the official press booklet)