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Yeh To Kamaal Ho Gaya (1982)

  • LanguageHindi

Shankar, the thief, was a slum dweller & had a small family consisting of a wife, Shanti & a son, Mahesh. His minor son s wrongly implicated in a crime & the govt. pleader, Mr. saxena Condemns the boy because of his father being a thief Mahesh is sentenced to a five Year terms in a reformatory. 

Shankar decides to teach saxena a lesson. He kidnaps one of his twin sons & makes him a first rate thief He becomes Ratan the theif.

Ajay, the other son of saxena gets wonderful life. He has been sent to London for higher studies but along with his western education he gets a western wife as well.

Saxena, obviously, was not ready to accept this Bahu because he had his eyes on the wealth of so many wealthy girls. He wanted to marry him to one of them. 

Saxena choses priya for Ajay, But Priya loves Ratan taking him for Ajay.

And thus the comedy of error starts and at this point also enters Ranjeet the vilain in the story. 

Ranjeet, had his eyes on priya's wealth He wanted to marry her with the active support of his mother And therefore when he saw that the chance of a life timing is slipping out of his hands he decides to blackmail Saxena to get at least a portion of priya's wealth, & when he thought that he has got Saxena he killed his acomplice & frames Saxena in the murder Saxena is arrested.

Only Shankar could save him. So the aide is completed. One day Shankar was at his Mercy & he had shown none, now he was at Shankar's Mercy & Shankr was not ready to haoir Pity on him. 

What happened to Saxena? Was it ever revealed that Ratan & Ajay were twin brothers, all the answers are there in this film “Yeh To Kamaal Ho Gaya.

(From the official press booklet)


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