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Zakhmee Insaan (1982)

  • LanguageHindi

"Zakhmee lnsaan" is the story of a Wounded Man, who during his childhood eye witnessed the gruesome rape, and Murder of his mother and that too for a piece of Roti - This incident changes the entire life of this innocent child, and transforms this to a ruthless Killer - A KILLER "WHO KILLS AND DESTROYS THE EVIL AND THE BAD ELEMENTS OF THE SOCIETY TO SAVE THE HUMANITY".

LAW all the times follow him, and in the chase of the good and the bad, he comes across an innocent girl, whose father was murdered and she was left alone in the hands of Fate.

He picks up this girl, who later on becomes a part of his life, her innocence, and childish attitude burns a spark of love, in his heart, and he again realises the human bondage. This girl was daughter of a notch girl Bahar Jaan and he use to visit the Kotha regularly. One day he comes to know that "Munia" was daughter, of Bahar Jaan.

He plans to take them away from the Society, but as Munia was the eyewitness to the killing of her own father, the villain, and the police, chases them, to save this innocent girl, or rather to fulfill his dreams through her he gives his life to save her.

Thus the "Zakhmee lnsaan" becomes immortal.

(From the official press booklet)