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Zamana (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

ZAMANA is the story of two brothers, Vinod and Ravi (Rajesh Khanna and Rishi Kapoor), whom cruel fate had parted since early childhood — in fact even before young Ravi's birth ! 

Vinod and Ravi each possessed a torn part of a photograph as a talisman which could one day unlock the mystery of their past! It was the photograph of a face, the face of the murderer of their father !

Vinod was an Inspector of Police. Ravi was a car mechanic who ran his own motor-garage opposite a Girls' Dancing School. Ravi lived with his mother. A chance meeting with them near a Temple brought Vinod, although unknowingly, back into the fold of his own family. Cords were touched in each of their hearts! But their true relationship remained a secret from them ! 

One of the girls from the Dancing School opposite the motor-garage was deeply in love with Ravi. Her name was Geeta (Ranjeeta). However, Ravi had no time to spare for her as he was in love with Sheetal (Poonam). He found Sheetal so sweet and innocent that he could not express his over-whelming love in front of her. She remained quits unaware of it. 

J.D. handed Ravi a gun to do the job. Ravi took the gun and went out with a fixed, determined look in his eyes. 

Did Ravi actually murder his own brother Vinod? Did the two brothers manage to discover in time about their true relationship? How did the evil J.D. meet his deserved end ? 

For answers to these and many more questions SEE and THRILL to the SENSATIONAL, ACTION-PACKED EMOTIONAL DRAMA of two long-lost brothers in conflict in an unforgettable film 'ZAMANA' !

(From the official press booklet)


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