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Ajit Das

  • Born: 1913 (Barishal)

Editor of only 24 films over a four decade long career, Ajit Das was a freedom fighter before cinema came calling. Born in 1913 in Barishal, he passed the IA examination. But as the independence struggle reached its peak he lost all interest in studies and joined in wholeheartedly. As a result he was jailed and even exiled. 

After his imprisonment ended, he worked as an assitant editor at Kali Films Studio for some time. His first independent assignemt as an editor was Shailajananda Mukhopadhyay's Rang Berang (1948). His next assignment was Premendra Mitra's Kuasha (1949). He worked on Satish Dasgupta's Ananda Math (1951), Deb Narayan Gupta's Jharer Porey (1955), Pinaki Mukherjee's Madhyarater Tara (1961) among others. Other notable films were Raghu Dakat (1952), Bishbrikkha (1953), Roshenara (1953), Refugee (1954), O Amar Desher Mati (1958), Pari (1966), Janatar Adalat (1972), and Bisarjan (1977). He produced Satish Dasgupta's Moroner Porey (1954). He also dabbled in Nepali films. 



Information courtesy: Chattopadhay, Gautam, Bangla Chalochitrer Obhidhan, Banishilpa, 2015.