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Chris Perry

Music Director
  • Born: 25 November, 1928
  • Died: 2 January, 2002
  • Primary Cinema: Konkani

Chris Perry was a Goan musician, composer, songwriter and film producer. He was an exceptionally gifted trumpeter, but he was also at ease with other instruments such as saxophone, flute, keyboard, piano and guitar. He learnt to read and write music all by himself. His performance of the music composition Cherry Pink and the Apple Blossom White breathlessly on trumpet earned him the sobriquet of ‘the Man with the Golden Trumpet’. His birth name has been reported as Christovam Pereira as well as Christopher Pereira.

Chris Perry gave a new dimension to Konkani music. Although he is no more with us his music still delights listeners. Like many musicians, music was in his blood. His elder brother Joe Perry has also carved his name in the Hindi film industry as a good musician.

Nachom-ia Kumpasar (Lets dance to the rhythm), Bebdo (Drunkard), Ugddas (Memory), Sorg tujea dolleamni (Heaven in your eyes), Lisboa (Lisbon), Amerikak Pavxi (If you reach America), Noxibak Roddttam (Crying for fate) sung in Lorna’s melodious voice have regaled audiences of all backgrounds. His songs rendered by Tony Carr - Cu Cu Ru Cu, Maddanch Soro (Toddy liquor), Kalliz Boong Bang Zata (The heart makes bong bang noise), have also become popular. He has introduced Konkani music to great singers like Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle, Usha Uthup. Mohammed Rafi’s rhapsodies Bom Jezuchea re Konventant (In the convent of Bom Jesus) and Maria have touched the hearts of the music connoisseurs. Usha Uthup has rendered Meu Amor (My love) and Tumn ani Hanv (You and me) which have become hits. Famous singer H. Britton has sung his songs like Marialina, Kazarachem Utor (Wedding vow), Bandra Festak (Bandra feast), Bus Conductor, and Dukrachim Chevrisam (Pork sausages). His music is often compared to legends like Miles Davis, Charles Parker and Chic Correia. His music always carried the distinct flavour of Goan culture in it. 

He produced the first colour movie in Konkani - Bhuierantlo Munis (Caveman) in 1978 in which Asha Bhosle sung the title song. His musical shows Nhovro Mhozo Devchar (My Bridegroom is a devil), Tum ani Hanv (You and me), Lob Padricho (Priest’s robe) and Sankistanv (Sacristan) have become successful. He has bagged the best composer award in the year 1974. His collaborations with Lorna have attained immense popularity. But the musician-singer duo got separated due to a clause in the contract which meant that Lorna could not sing for others. 

He left for Dubai in 1975 where he started playing for luxury hotels. He established a music school there where he used to train students in various instruments and prepare them for London Trinity College exams. 
Some of his famous albums are Carnival in Goa, From Dubai with Love, Mhoji Maim (My mother), and Poilo Kiss (First Kiss)

Nachom-ia Kumpasar (2014) has made use of twenty of his select songs. His magical rhythm can be felt in Hindi films like Kabhi Kabhie (1976) and Trishul (1978). He is credited for revolutionising the music scene of Goa with his innovative jazz music.