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H M Reddy

  • Real Name: Hanumappa Muniappa  Reddy
  • Primary Cinema: Tamil

H.M. Reddy was a former assistant to Ardeshir  M. Irani, the first talkie film maker (Alam  Ara) in India. Reddy, one of the veterans  of Indian cinema, has the distinction of  directing the first talking pictures in Tamil  (Kalidas in 1931) and Telugu (Bhaktha  Prahaladha in 1931). He began his career in silent films in  Bangalore with Surya Films and later shifted to Bombay  and assisted Irani. He then directed movies in Hindi before  shifting to Madras. He produced successful Telugu movies  such as Tenali Ramakrishna (1941), Gruha Lakshmi (1938)  and Partigna (1953). He introduced Chittoor V. Nagaiah  and other artistes to the film industry.

In a career spanning  23 years, he produced 3 films in Telugu and directed 19 films. Of them, only 3 films were in Tamil (Kalidas in 1931,  Mathruboomi in 1939 and Niraparadhi in 1951). The remaining  films were in Telugu.