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John D Silva


A popular comedian of Konani stage dramas and films, John D’Silva is often referred to as the Emperor of Konkani drama. His plays have been performed not only in India but also in the Gulf, and US, London, Canada, Germany and Paris. He is the first Konkani stage artist to get his name in the Limca Book of Records for producing twenty five dramas with double letters as titles. The names of these dramas are: Vell (Time), Dennem (Gift), Kolle (Buds), Ekvott (Unity), Vatt (Way); Umannem (Riddle), Sokallim (Morning), Menn (Wax), Avesor (Chapter), Bott (Finger), Somzonni (Understanding), Magnnem (Prayer), Bovall (Noise), Kirnnam (Rays), Porddo (Curtain), Ugddas (Memory), Konn? (Who?), Vann (Slipper), Vaitt (Bad), Jinn (Life), Dhull (Xdust), Xiddkavnni (Warning), Voddem (Boat), Nattok (Drama), Devull (Temple), Kuttumb (Family), Pisollem (Butterfly), Rochnnar (Creator), Vollokh (Introduction), Sanklleo (Chains), Ranvotti (Wild), Goenkarponn (Goanness), Koddu (Bitter), Devosponn (Devotion), Zall (Pains), Bombaddo (Balloon), Munne (Sayings), Utt (Rise), Ghutt (Secret), Saibinn (Our Lady), Mollob (Sky), and Ani Porzoll (Brilliance). He has acted in Konkani films like Padri (Priest), O Maria, Suring (Dynamite), Uzvadd (Brilliance), Home Sweet Home, Home Sweet Home 2, Nirmon the Destiny, Rakhonddar (Guardian), Martin, K Sera Sera, Ghoddpachem Ghoddttolem (Whatever will be will be), Action, Planning Devachem (God’s Plan), Connection, O La La, 7 days, Ek Aslear Ek Na (If one is available other is not), Mopa Diary and Benddkar (Musician).
He is the recipient of several awards, most prominent of them being Goa Government’s Directorate of Art and Culture’s Yuva Srujan Puroskar. He became the first Konkani dramatist to receive this award. At the 8th Goa state Film Festival he was honoured as the best actor for his performance in Home Sweet Home. He also got an award for the play Munne (Saying) at the 7th Popular Tiatr Festival for being the best comedian. Recently he has participated in the special Goa episode of the Hindi TV serial Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai?. He is also seen in the short film The Tiffin Box .
His histrionics can also been seen in the Konkani films such as Nachom-ia Kumpasar (Let’s dance to the rhythm), Home Sweet Home 1 & 2, Connection, O La La, and Amizade (Friendship). The names of his VCDs are Lofdde (Scams), Gondoll (Confusion), Bhangoddeo (Scandals), Tallio (Praises), Bhognnar (Travails), and Munne (Saying). He has also produced a feature film Rakhonddar . He has been featured in the Incredible Goa magazine as an eminent personality from Goa. Recently he has been honoured for his role in the prevention of drug abuse and human trafficking.