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Home Sweet Home (2014)

  • Release Date26/12/14
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageKonkani
  • Run Time133.4 min
  • Number of Reels6
  • GaugeCinemascope
  • Censor RatingU/A
  • Censor Certificate NumberDIL/1/193/2014 - Mumbai
  • Certificate Date19/12/14

The film is about John D' Silva, who migrates to USA after the death of his parents leaving his ancestral house in Goa called "Home Sweet Home" to be looked after by his one and only friend Caetan. When he returns to Goa after 20 years, he is shocked to see a huge residential complex standing in the place of his ancestral house. Only the famous landmark, old Holy Cross outside the complex, stands there to convince the taxi driver Raj that it is the same location.
Now it becomes very crucial for John to find out the mystery behind this and Caetan is the only person who can help them solve it but soon John and Raj get one more shock when they come to know that Kaytan stays in the very same complex.
The relation between John and Raj, that of customer and driver turns into close friendship during the course of these events and they decide to fight for justice. During this tough journey, John comes across various social issues, colourful characters and vast transformation in Goa that has taken place during his stay in USA. Eventually, they conclude that it is time to raise their voice to demand justice and change the "SUSHEGAD" (laid-back) image of Goans.
As Raj and John unearth more & more evidence it becomes clear that this whole thing is part of the "biggest but most silent" land scam run by powerful and greedy builders with the help and blessings of politicians. Raj and John risk their lives to expose this scam and the people involved in it.
The story is on day to day happenings in Goa. The film has a spread of comedy, drama and emotions. People leave Goa for employment abroad. 
The film has been shot at Margao, Mapusa, Davorlim, Vadi beach, Agonda and Sernabatim. has been made within 30 days.