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Aasra Pyar da (1983)

  • Release Date04/11/1983
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time155 mins
  • Length4233.67meters
  • Number of Reels18
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate NumberB-018- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date21/07/1983
  • Shooting LocationBalaji Farm, Ranjitpura, Boat Club Ropar, Chotti Haveli Ropar, Govt. College Ropar, Satya Bhawan Ropar

The film gives a rich message of love, unity and friendship. In a village in Punjab, God has showered immense blessings on Madan Lal(Navin Nischol)’s family. Even after the death of Madan Lal's father, his farming and factories have been flourishing. Madan Lal's wife Sheela (Kiron Kher) is a beautiful and devoted housewife. The entire village deeply respects this family. After attending college on his brother's dime, Suraj (Raj Babbar) returns home. Happiness abounds. Madan and Sheela love Suraj like their own son, Suraj also considers his brother and sister-in-law no less than his parents.

Charan Das, the late father of Madan and Suraj, has a very close friend, Chacha Pratap Singh (Yash Sharma), who feels elevated to see his friend's family flourishing. Pratap Singh is not worried that his only son has left him and settled abroad because Madan and Suraj give him so much love and respect. On many such occasions of happiness, Pratap Singh gets emotional and remembershis late friend.

Suraj falls in love with Kiran (Preeti Sapru), the daughter of a retired army man. Subedar Baldev Singh (Sunil Dhawan) is worried about his daughter's marriage in such a rich family, fearing there may be a high demand of dowry by Suraj’s family. However, all his fears are put to rest and the entire village cheers when Sheela, the would-be sister-in-law of Kiran, declares that no dowry will be taken and Kiran will come from her father's house simply wearing the marriage dress, which would also be presented by them. Suraj arrives to take his beloved Kiran in a simple fashion and once again all the villagers hail the old high traditions of Punjab. Madan Lal asks Chacha Pratap Singh for ‘Milni’ with Kiran's father as a gesture of respect and honour to his beloved uncle.

The brothers Madan and Suraj leada life full of happiness until one day a tearful Sheela expresses her sorrow at not having achild of her own.Suraj feelsher pain and promises her that when the first child is born to Kiran and him, he will happily give the child to her. As a gesture of gratitude to his brother, when the couple's first child is born, Suraj does turn the infant over to his childless sister-in-law to raise. Now their life is running smoothly, but those whoare jealous of their happiness started playing games. No good deed goes unpunished, and soon a rival for Kiran's affection begins spreading vicious rumours. The wicked Shibu (Mohan Baggad) defames the sacred bhabhi-dewarrelationship between Sheela and Suraj. Chacha Pratap Singh is pained to learn that the village panchayat has tainted a goddess-like Sheela. Further, the panchayat decides that, in a break from past custom, the eighth day Durga Ma Aarti will not be performed by Sheela. This decision of the panchayat deeply hurts and angers Madan Lal and Suraj. However, Sheela, relying on her veracity and sagacity, rejects the decision of the panchayat and seeks the blessings of Adishakti Durga Ma. Sheela comes out unscathed and the evildoers are punished.