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Alakh Niranjan (1950)

  • Release Date1950
  • GenreFantasy
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

This is a story of a great King who gave up his throne to serve his people. This is a story of Raja Gopichand.

Jalandernath, a great teacher goes around the world to spread the Gospel of Devotion and Queen Mother Mainawati Raja Gopichand's mother becomes his disciple. She persuades and prevails upon her son to give his worldly life and become a devotee of Jalandernath and his teachings. This causes great concern to his young wife Lumawati.

Gopichand, when about to renounce the worldly life, gets false impression that this is a trick by his mother and Jalandernath to remove him from the throne for their own ends and he has Jalandernath thrown into a dirty ditch.

Jalandernath goes into Samadhi amidst the surrounding dirt awaiting the time when Gopichand would get inner awakening and be ripe for his mission.

Twelve years pass by anKaniffa, the young disciple searching all these years for his lost Guru meets Gorakhnath who is seeking his Guru Machindranath. Each discovers from the other where their respective Gurus are and then they go to the rescue.

And then what happens is the story of the Silver Screen.

(From the official press booklet)