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Angrejjan (1982)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Length4068.55 meters
  • Number of Reels18
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-102172- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date05/11/1982
  • Shooting LocationShahkot (Punjab), Juagal Farms, S. L. Studio

Sher Singh, the honest and kind zamindar of the village, is leading a peaceful life with his family. He has employed Lal Chand Jagirdar (Ram Mohan) as his scribe. However, Lal Chand acts dishonestly and breaches the trust and faith of Sher Singh by annexing his entire wealth and landed property. Lal Chandnot only cheats Sher Singh but also wants to finish off his family. Hence, Sher Singh along with his wife Savitri and son Raju (Jarnail Masson) leave the village. On the way, Lal Chand attacks them, leaving Sher Singh paralysed while his wife Savitri is killed. Fortunately, a wrestler Pahalwan Mehardin is able to save Sher Singh and his son Raju (Satish Kaul). 

Pahalwantakes Sher Singh and his son Raju to his house and looks after them. Sher Singh learns the rules of the game from the wrestling arena – namely, defeating the enemy by his own movements.  After recuperating, with his left arm still useless, Sher Singh abducts Lal Chand Jagirdar's son Jagga (Raza Murad) and brings him up so that when he grows up he can extract vengeance from his biological father. Raju and Jagga grow up together but they inherit different attitudes towards life. Raju acquires an education in the city and gets a job as the manager of Lal Chand’s property. Sher Singh is happy to learn about Raju’s employment. He advises Raju to take care of the properties as if they were his own. 

On reaching Lal Chand's house, Raju meets his daughter Sonia (Bhavna Bhatt)and both fall in love at first sight. Sonia is able to bring about a change in her father and Lal Chand now becomes a teetotaler, shunning all his ill habits. In order to extract his old revenge, Sher Singh sends Jagga to Lal Chand's house. Things go according to plan and he is all set to humiliate Lal Chand until he finds out that Raju has fallen in love with Sonia. Meanwhile, the reformed Lal Chand stops giving contracts to the notorious Pooran Thekedar (Prakash Gill). This infuriates Pooran, who orders his goon Kalu to finish off Raju. However, the timely intervention of Jagga saves the lives of Raju and Sonia.
As Pooran and the other outlaws are celebrating with drinks at Lal Chand’s house, Jagga breaks open the cash-safe and loots all his money and jewellery. He asks Raju to forget Sonia and leave for his village so that he can fulfil his promise given to his father. Raju takes leave of Sonia and promises to get his father to agree to their marriage. Raju asks his father why he has sent Jagga to Lal Chand’s house. Sher Singh reveals to him that he has done so to extract revenge from Lal Chand. Rajupleads with his father to forgive Lal Chand but he does not agree. 

In the meantime, Jagga engages Lal Chand in an illegal poppy business to earn easy money. He also manages to get the property documents signed by Lal Chand and renders him penniless. However, Pooran detects the supplies of the poppy as spurious and asks his men to catch hold of Jagga immediately. Jagga, however, escapes from their hold. Lal Chand meanwhile calls Pooran for help who, in turn, demands Sonia in marriage. Lal Chand agrees to the proposal, but Sonia vehemently opposes it and threatens to commit suicide by consuming poison. 

Meanwhile, Raju returns from the village and Sonia tells him that her father has decided to get her married to Pooran. To end the long-standing enmity between the two families, Raju suggests to Sonia that they solemnize their marriage immediately in a temple. However, Thekedar Pooran learns about their plan. He sends his men to remove Raju from his way of getting married to Sonia. Jagga and Raju manage to chase the goons away. However, now Jagga wants to use Sonia as a ploy for taking revenge from Lal Chand. Both Raju and Jagga now clash. 

In the meantime, Pooran captures Sonia. Raju and Jagga fight against Pooran and his gang to free Sonia from their clutches. Sher Singh discloses to Lal Chand that Jagga is his own son. Lal Chand repents for all his wrongdoings and begs pardon from Sher Singh. Eventually, Raju and Sonia marry. However, Jagga stabs himself to fulfil his vow of drenching the soil with the blood of the Jagirdar.