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Anyay Hi Anyay (1999)

  • Release Date11/06/1999
  • GenreAction, Thriller
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3927.31 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate NumberCIL/3/32/1997-MUM
  • Certificate Date12/09/1997

Amar Gaikawd represents - the harassed, tortured and unjuatly accused common man a much touted commodity whose market price is questionable. He holds a first class degree whose worth when it comes to his question for seeking a secure job is zero as without olout to carry he is assured nothing. He belongs to a middle class family where hopes and aspirations are only related survival. Amar's elder brother Prakash is a silent bystander to atrocites in his workplace knows slogan shouting will get him nowhere while his wife Meena has hardened with passage of time as her dreams as a young bride are still invisible. Amar's support at this crucial time comes from his mother Sulbhaji who wants the best for his son but will settle for less to keep the home fires burning and Neha his Lady love. Amar is also close to Professor Naeem who sees him as his own son and knows that young men like Amar are the countries future. After such heartbreak Amar gets a job through an advertisement in the newspaper. He is exatic life turns sour when the job turns out to be just a hogwash and a fraud is unearthed. Inspector Suresh Sawant catches Amar and charges sheets him. An innocent man is caught in a web of decient. Rahul a spoilt brat of a rich politician Seth Dhanraj begins to harass Neha and wants to marry her Neha's family sput their offer. This drives Rahul crazy. He ows revenge. Meanwhile Amar's impresonment shocks his mother and she dies Amar is heart broken. In jail the inmates create situations where Amar is abused but he decides to remain on the right side of the law for the knows that outside Neha and his future awaits him.

His good beahaviours pays him and he is freed. Now with a jail term behind him, Professor Naeem encourages him to try and open a small business. He offers him money which Amar reluctantly accepts. Neha also comes forth but doesn't want Amar to know as he may not accept it. Hussainbhai Amar's friend who runs a tea-stall at "Suburban Nukkad" tells him to open a juice stall. Amar agrees. Gangubai who pounds mirchi for a living too befriends Amar. Happiness again peremeates their lifes, but before long Amar gets involved in resisting the local goondas who trouble them for hafta.

Rahul and his friends Richi, Madan and Jalal kidnap Neha and rape her. Amar is torn apart. He looses interest in life and his sole mission how is to get the four men to justice. But them who is going to deliver this justice. Amar decides to tea them to task the withdraws into a world where death stalks. Richi gets killed in mysterious circumstances and inspector Sawant begins to suspect Amar.  Two other deaths of Madan and Jallal confirm his suspicious, Amar is hunted. His friends can't help him though they are sympathetic Amar's last victim Rahul. Rahul is done with and Amar surrenders. In court his story is unfold. He gives a hardhitting statement against the fallacies in the system that force the law abiding citizen to become way ward.

He pleads that till such a time that justice will remain blind to the cries of men, society will be ruled by demands. Does the judge heed to Amar's pleas. Is Amar given justice or does the evil in man again prevail. Anyay Hi Anyay is a firm about today's youth and the tribulations that they ago through merely survive.

(From the official press booklet)