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Azaad (1955)

  • Release Date1955
  • GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time163 min
  • Length4488.18 meters
  • Number of Reels15 reels
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number12914
  • Certificate Date23/02/1955
  • Shooting LocationPakshiraja Studios, Coimbatore

Shobha, after the death of her parents, is brought up by Charandas, an intimate friend of her father, a well-to-do citizen of Bhopur. She is kidnapped by Chander, the henchman of Sunder, a prominent man of the same village. Azaad, who is talked of as a dacoit and murderer, rescues Shobha from the hands of Chander and takes her to his abode on the hills.

There, contrary to the public talk, Shobha is impressed with the honourable, happy and cultured life lead by Azaad and his people and takes a fancy to him.

The plans of Sunder, Jagirdar and Chander, the venomous trio are always upset by Azaad. They swear to wreck vengeance on Azaad.

Police at every stage, confused and misguided that Azaad is the real culprit. In the meanwhile, Khan Saheb, a gentleman of that place, believed to be a friend of Azaad, escorts Shobha safely to her house. On getting information from Shobha police approach Khan Saheb for help in the investigation of the case. Khan Saheb promises to do his best.

Sunder, finding no other way to get at Shobha, succeeds in taking away Charandas to a lonely place through Jagirdar and confines him.

During Charandas’ absence, Sunder sends Janki, his fiance, to bring Shobha to his house telling her that Charandas is in danger. Shobha innocently follows Janki and to her surprise faces Sunder attempting to molest Shobha and runs to rescue. In the scuffle, Janki is killed by Sunder.

Azaad appears and saves Shobha from Sunder’s hands.

As promised, Khan Saheb gives the sub inspector all clues to the long pending cases and the sub inspector is satisfied that Azaad is not the culprit.

As a last chance, Sunder threatens Shobha that Charandas will be killed if she does not accept for marriage. Charandas is teased and coerced by the trio at the lonely house of Jagirdar.

Police get information through Khan Saheb and rush to the spot. A clash ensues between police and Sunder’s party. Azaad appears there also and save the situation and disappears. Charandas is rescued and the trio arrested.

Charandas, who feels indebted to Azaad, arranges a dinner and sends invitation to Azaad, through Khan Saheb who claimes to be a friend of him.

Police authorities announce that Azaad is a free man and all cases against him stand null and void. Azaad does not attend the dinner. All are anxious to know who he is. Khan Saheb tells Azaad’s story.

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(From the official press booklet)