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Badnam (1952)

  • Release Date1952
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length4136.74 metres
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-5829/52-MUM
  • Certificate Date29/05/1952
  • Shooting LocationBombay Studios Limited, Goregaon

Arriving to take up the duties of a school-master in a delightful Kulu Valley town, Rattan was surprised at the cold reception given by the inhabitants, but soon he learned the reason. His predecessor Jai had murdered his rival in love and was absconding. To the simple people one school master from the city was pretty much like another.

Trying to know more about the murder Rattan met Champa, who did not believe that her husband Jai was murderer. She told Rattan how it had all happened but did not quiet believe her either.

Rattan fell in love with ChaudhryKhushal's daughter, Gouri who used to bring her little brother Chunnu to school. This school was financed by DewanGopaldas, a rich summer visitor. Kishan was Dewan's younger brother and the prime mover in town intrigues. It was Kishan's plan that middle aged widower Dewan who coveted Champa should marry her and that he,Kishan himself marry Gouri. But Gouri's father ChoudhariKhushal showed no enthusiasm for the idea.

Gouri was alarmed at the talk of marrying her off to Kishan, so she rushed to Rattan and asked him to save her by marrying her himself. After some hesitation Rattan agreed. He asked Choudhari for his daughter's hand and immediately received the father's blessings.

Jai, the absconding murder suspect met his wife Champa secretly and told how he was completely innocent of the murder. In her joy at meeting her husband Champa detained him with her for the night.

Later on Champa arranged the meeting between Jai and Rattan and the latter was convinced of the former's innocence. The three solemnly vowed themselves to secrecy until the real culprit was established. Then started his investigation but did not find any clues...

In the meanwhile the town people put their own interpretation on Rattan's meeting with Champa, especially since Champa looked like expecting a baby. Everybody including even Gouri wanted an explanation but Rattan was sworn to secrecy. In desperation ChaudharyKhushal let himself be persuaded to arrange for a wedding between Gouri and Kishan. Rattan still refused to say anything. Resenting the injustice being done to Gouri, Champa threatened to bring her husband into the limelight but Rattan stopped her by force. Then as the next best thing Champa wrote a letter to Gouri giving the facts and clearing Rattan's name but Gouri never got the letter, which had got misplaced.

In the meanwhile Rattan was out at the scene of crime trying to find some clue and he actually caught a man who was in the murder plot. Armed with evidence, Rattan rushed to Champa's house and finding it locked proceeded to the railway station to stop Champa from getting Jai, asthe evidence was not yet complete.

As the station however, Rattan himself was arrested-in the charge of strangling Champa. It seems he was seen doing violence to her when she had threatened to bring Jai on the scene.

What happened next? Was Champa's letter ever found by Gouri? Did the police listen to Rattan's theory about the murder? Could Jai return to his wife and Rattan return to Gouri-and finally who was the real murderer?... Let the silver screen reveal!



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