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Do Sitare (1951)

  • Release Date1951
  • GenreDrama, Research
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3640.83 metres
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-24098-MUM
  • Certificate Date29/08/1958

EACH THROB OF THE HEART is an echo of the unrealised past ad unseen bridge built over desires and future. Rani's heart always throbbed but she could understand this throbbing only when she happened to meet Prakash. Both of them felt as if their unfamiliar faces were quite familiar to one another and they had even met before.

The lovers fell for one another and a time came when Rani's father, Mohan Lal thought of marrying them. This alliance was opposed by Seth Badri Prasad, the common employer of Mohan Lall and Prakash. His own daughter Ruma had fallen in love with Prakash and was now forcing her father to win him over. On the one hand, the Seth tried to dissuade Mohan Lal by offering him a handsome salary and status, while on the other, he tried to allure Prakash by promising him a splendid future if he married Ruma.

Both the colleagues refused their respective offers and joined hands to bear the consequences, when Badri Prasad actually dismissed Mohan Lal. Badri Prasad's game was however foiled and he did not know what to do next! But very soon a situation arose that cam very handy for him. His son Murari, the philanthropist, fell in love with Pakash's sister Lajo and approached his father for permission to marry her. He also needed twenty five thousand rupees for a project which he had launched in Prakash's village. Badri Prasad dictated to him his terms. He would give him money and permission to marry Lajo, if Murari would manoeuvre an alliance between Ruma and Prakash. Murari revolted against his father and told to his face that it could not be accomplished. Badri Prasad withheld all payments, thereby trying to tighten the grip around the necks of his opponents.

When Mohan Lal got acquainted with the situation, he flared up. In order to secure money for Murari, he broke into the house of Badri Prasad but was unfortunately overpowered while trying to escape. Once again Badri Prasad wielded the stick and everybody now was at his mercy. The workers demanded their dues and threatened Murari with life; Lajo felt shocked and was confined to bed, Mohan Lall was locked up; and nobody knew what shape the situation would take.

Was Prakash married to Ruma? Did Murari and Lajo unite? Did Prakash and Rani ever meet again? For answers to all these questions see Famous Pictures' "DO SITARE"!!!

(From the official press booklet)



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