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Barood (1998)

  • LanguageHindi

GAYATRI (RAKHEE) takes a vow to avange the murder of her husband. JAI (AKSHAY) grows up in the loving care of her mother, GAYATRI. JAI confronts NEHA (RAVEENA), the only daughter of a business tycoon SINGHAL (AMRISH PURI). She is proud, arrogant, stubborn and ruthless. In a continuous conflict Jai tames this spoilt girl even by risking his life in a avalanche. They fall madly in love. Their union had his mother's blessings but her father's disapproval.

Singhalcomes to buy off Jai'smother and Gayatricomes face to face with her husband's killer. Singhalwarns Gayatrithat Jai will meet the same fate if he dares to meet his daughter again. Gayatri also warns Singhal "I have accepted Neha as my daughter-in-law. I shall get Jai and Neha married even if the "Phera" has to be done on your Pyre".

Jai on his own were near solving the mystery of his father's death when he became the target of Singhal's bullet. Gayatri came infront, sacrificed herself to save her son.

Mother's bullet set Jai on fire which led to the most dangerous explosion. The dynamic climax that wiped out the devils empire will hold you spellbound.


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