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Beti No.1 (2000)

  • Release Date2000
  • GenreComedy, Drama, Family, Romance
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberCIL-1-41-2000-MUM
  • Certificate Date06/07/2000
  • Shooting LocationAustralia

The film begins with Aruna Irani's dictatorial and domineering behaviour. Aruna Irani is a very wealthy lady who has three sons - Ashok Saraf, Saxmikant Berde, Govinda the youngest one. Ashok Saraf and Laxmikant Berde have fathered only daughter, due to which Aruna Irani is worried as to who would continue the family line. Out of hatred, Aruna dispatches both her daughters-in-law to their parent's home and afflicts harassments on them and neglects her two sons too. She somehow manages to convince Govinda into marrying Rambha; she is confident that her younger son and daughter-in-law will definitely bear a grandson to her. Aruna Irani's dominance on the entire family is total. Everybody is scared of her wrath; even her husband, Prem Chopra, obediently submits to every whim and fancy of her wife.

Govinda has a detective-friend Johny Lever. Both their respective wives become pregnant at the same time; both are admitted to the same maternity ward in adjoining rooms. Meanwhile Aruna Irani suffers a heart-attack, and she is admitted to the same hospital. First, Johny Lever becomes a proud father of a son, and out of sheer joy, he brings over the infant to Govinda to show him. But around the same time, Prem Chopra arrives on the scene and takes away the child from Govinda. Upon seeing that the infant is a male, he jumps with job and takes the child to Aruna Irani, who, in turn is not only overjoyed, but she also find herself in a state of perfect health.

Soon enough, Govinda too fathers a child; it's daughter. If the reality is conveyed to Aurna Irani, there's this danger to her health since she's heart patient. Incidentally, both Govinda and Johny Lever are next-door neighbours. Thus, they take advantage of their proximity and decide to keep exchanging their progenies as and when necessary. But for how long? Finally, the truth is exposed and before Aruna Irani can unleash her terror on Govinda and his wife Rambha, Prem Chopra slaps her saying, "A son is a son till he gets his wife... a daughter is a daughter all your life."

(From the official press booklets)