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Bhulekha (1983)

  • Release Date03/08/1984
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time146 mins
  • Length3989.74meters
  • Number of Reels17
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor Certificate NumberB-047- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date08/09/1983
  • Shooting LocationBathinda, Jalandhar, Essel Studio, Chandivali, China Creek, Ghodbander Quila, Film City, Sood Bungalow and Sohal Bungalow.

Hari Ram is a simple gentleman living in a village. He has a daughter named Jyoti (Bhavna Bhatt). One day some boys from the city come to the village for a picnic. One of the group members, Deepak (Satish Kaul) falls in love with Jyoti, the village belle, at first sight. In the adjoining village, a boy named Rangeela(Mehar Mittal) who runs a sweet shop falls in love with a girl named Reshma (Kanchan Mattu). However, one day at the village fair, Rangeela’s eyes fall on the beautiful Jyoti. Forgetting his earlier love Reshma, Rangeela pleads with his father to ask for Jyoti's hand in marriage. Rangeela's father Mela Ram goes to Hari Ram's village to ask for his daughter's hand in front of the village panchayat. Hari Ram seeks some time to have Jyoti’s concurrence. Jyoti accepts the marriage proposal thinking that it has come from her beloved Deepak whereas her father believes that she has accepted the marriage proposal from Rangeela.

Jyoti starts rejoicing and dancing at the thought of her impending marriage with Deepak. When Deepak comes to meet her, she tells him that since their wedding has been fixed, he should no longer come to the village to meet her. Meanwhile Rangeelaarrives with his baarat to marry Jyoti. She is being adorned for the marriage ceremony by her friends. As soon as the marriage procession reaches her house, all her friends rush to watch it. Jyoti also comes out on the terrace to see the baarat. It came as a bolt from the blue to Jyoti as she sees Rangeelaas the bridegroom instead of Deepak. She falls unconscious. Hari Ram comes to take Jyoti to perform the ritual of Varmalaand discovers that she is crying. She tells her father that she has become a victim of misunderstanding (Bhulekha), and that Rangeela is not her beloved Deepak. She asks that this marriage be stopped immediately. Hari Ram is in a turmoil and leaves the place stating his helplessness. 

Taking advantage of the situation, Jinda(Rajendra Jaura) and his men abduct Jyoti. Hari Ram seeks pardon from the panchayat by laying his turban at the feet of the villagers. While Jinda is driving off with Jyoti in a jeep, Pratap (Dara Singh) intercepts him and saves Jyoti from his clutches. Pratap happens to be Deepak’s uncle and Deepak is shocked to discover Jyoti as a bride with him. In his wilder thoughts, he imagines how his uncle is celebrating his honeymoon with Jyoti and in frustration, he shoots Jyoti. When he wakes up from his dream, he actually takes a pistol and sets off to kill Pratap. However, Pratap informs him that Jyoti is like his daughter, whom he has saved from Jinda and his men. Deepak realises his mistake. The two lovers meet again. Deepak’s parents Major Kartar Singh and Mrs. Singh (Ram Mohan & Uma Khosla)learn that Deepak, who is in Pratap's house, loves and wants to marry Jyoti. The Major is enraged and arrives at Pratap’s house with a gun to kill him. Both of them argue and finally the Major agreesto the marriage of Jyoti and Deepak. However, meanwhile, Deepak and Jyoti have fled into the forest where Jinda and his men again trap both of them and take them to a secret place. Rangeela, Pratap and the Major fight with Jinda's uncle Moti and his stooges. In the meantime, the police arrives and the evil-doers are apprehended. The love birds Deepak and Jyoti, and Rangeelaand Reshma are united with everyone rejoicing.