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Darogaji (1949)

  • Release Date1949
  • GenreCrime, Drama, Romance
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time123 mins
  • Shooting LocationM&T Studios (Andheri, Bombay)

To all those who have only the good of our country, uppermost in their minds and thoughts, and who are so happily stationed in life as to be definitely able to do something to rid this once bright, sunny and healthy land of ours-which has since ages remained the envy of others-of the various maladies, resulting in tragic happenings, somewhere, everyday, having their ill-natured bases in the shape of deep rooted tantacles spread and fed by the demonaical laws created by our so called, social and cultural HEADS, with a view to distinguish the so called high from the low and the so called Rich from the poor, the story of "DAROGAJI", will unquestionably provide enough food for thought enabling them to suggest suitable remedies by way of clearing the decks for the introduction of much needed and long overdue reforms.
The Hero of this story Pandit Ramanand is an energetic Police Officer (Daroga), who because of his un-impeachable character, Human qualities and extraordinary skill and foresight in handling delicate situations, is posted to a small town in the "Gangetic Plain", which was reported to have become hot bed of intrigue and goondaism as a result of the nefariors activities of one "Girja Maharaj".
Our Heroine possessing a delicate and charming frame with an angelically sweet and innocent face had only her paralytic grand father, in this world, to look after her. She was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth and had to rest content, as fate decreed, with whatever she could earn by selling flowers in the streets.

This Devil of a man "Girja" had taken a fancy for this innocent angel and was always ready to molest and ill-treat her whenever any such opportunity presented itself, aided by one Pannu, the "Panwalla", and his usual band of hooligans. In fact, the while town was scared of this villain for his bullying ways to such an extent that one day poor 'Rajoo' our heroine found that everyone looked afraid of buying flowers from her.

It is here that Pandit Ramanand, appears in the dual role of a benefactor as well as Imparter of Justice. The goonda is brought to book and Rajoo consoled and promised proper protection.

Instead of following the usual routine our "Daroga" evolves a better solution to cure the ills of the goonda. Here is an absolutely harmless though cent percent effective, formula worth emulating by persons holding proper administrative positions all over the world.

The innocent Rajoo is so deeply impressed by the kind brave deeds of "Darogaji", that she, in her heart of hearts, begins to think that she cannot have any other person but this one for her husband, although openly, she never gives expression to her sentiments. She in fact, belonged to the type, where there is no going back whatever may happen.

Inspite of the fact of our 'Hero' giving ample proofs of sufficient enlightenment in other spheres of life, we find him hopelessly lacking in necessary courage to act in a decisive manner with a view to pull down the thick and thorny barrier put up by our "Society" to differentiate between the high and the low, rich and the poor, with the result that he accedes to marry another girl, who according to the laws laid down by our society, is considered to be holding a suitably elevated position.

Events which follow are left for you to guess. They are by no means easy, and you will find that the story still has to cover a few circuitous routes to present in the real sense its ultimate end, which has thrills and excitement in abundance in store for you.

[from the official press booklet]



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