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Do Qaidi (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

“Do Qaidi” is the story of two Goondas named Kanu and Manu, who are looking for each other to settle their account. As ill luck would have it, both are arrested for the crime they are ignorant of, chained together and put behind bars. Somehow they manage an escape from the police custody and are chased both by the police as well as by the underworld kingpins.
Inspector Sinha has vowed to bring kingpin to book so that youths of the country could be saved from falling into the death well of brown sugar. But before he could do it, he is cheated by his close friend and is brutally murdered.
The news of inspector Sinha’s murder cause Neelua & Neeta the two separated sisters meet again. They along with the whole world believe Kanu and Manu as the killers of inspector Sinha, it is only Geeta, the widow of inspector Sinha, who knows the real hands involved in the killing, happens to come across chained Kanu and Manu, that helped the two trapped rivals become friends.
Kanu and Manu swear an oath to fulfill the task inspector Sinha has given his life for and the two damsels participate to bring down the kingpins empire.
“Do Qaidi” is a captivating experience.