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Gazal (1964)

  • LanguageHindi

Ejaz, editor of the monthly "Inqalab" was one day returning after work when he heard a very melodious and sweet voice of a woman reciting a poem. He fell in love with the voice and followed it upto to the gate of a house. But inspite of all his efforts he could not see the owner of the voice. Some girls in Pardas came out of the house discussing the annual 'mushaira' that was to take place at Nawab Baker Ali Khan's house a few days latter. Ejaz went home disapponted for not having seen the face he wanted to see so much... But now the voice was haunting him day and night and followed him wherever he went and he could not do anything about it. Then he was invited to take part in Nawab Baker Khan's annual  'Mushaira'! An idea struck him and he recited the same poem which he had heard. The poem and voice belonged to Nawab Sahib's daughter Naaz who got furious. In her anger she faced Ejaz and claimed the poem to be hers. Now Ejaz fell in love with the face as well. This feeling was reciprocated by Naaz also. Naaz was a very sensitive and highly emotional girl. From the very childhood she could not bear any shocks and would loose her voice for a short period if anything happened to upset her. One day lost in Ejaz's arms, she was seen by her father. He became wild with anger and went after Ajaz with a rifle in his hand. Naaz saw him and due to the shock lost the voice again. The time, perhaps for ever.
In the meantime Nawab sahib met Ejaz and found him to be very decent and brave man in contrast to Akhtar who was Naaz' cousin and aspiring to win Naaz's hand in marriage. Nawab sahib fixed Naaz's marriage to Ejaz. But when Naaz came to know about it, she refused to marry Ejaz, thinking that he loved her voice more than he loved her. Ejaz was heart-broken-since the thought Naaz loved him and could not understand her refusal. Now Akhtar took advantage of this and offered to marry Naaz in return for Rs. 50000/-. Nawab Sahib agreed. The marriage day arrived.
Did Naaz's marriage take place with Akhtar?
Did Ejaz ever came to know about the voice she had lost?
Forms the climax of 'GAZAL'.