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Ghulam (1953)

  • Release Date1953
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

GHULAM is not a story of slavery of olden days but a heart-rending narration of the slavery of modern age in which characters from four corners of the world are picked up presented in this theme on the screen with surging emotions, pathos an what nots. 

Kailash a young married man-the moving figure of this story with ailing child in his house and only a meagre salary to fall back upon his sources finding no money for the medicines for his beloved child seeks help from his own employer who is an automobile dealer. But alas, he askes for bread and he gest a stone in return. His employer mercilessly dismisses Kailash from services but fortunately for him he comes across with Lata who is a keep of rich merchant dealing in cotton market. She offers him a job of Rs. 2000 per month. But her noble gesture is only a guile to trap him in her selfish motive. Lata is not prepared to keep up her relations with Sethji who is a millionaire and makes Kailash a tool to murder him and then make Kailash per partner in life. On one dark night Kailash shoots Sethji and he drops dead on the spot.

In the meanwhile the wife and child of Kailash are leading a life of misery and hardship but Prashad, originally a pick pocket and who actually helps Kailash to buy medicine for his sick child and is actually a slave of faithfulness for his friend comes to the family of Kailash and helps them through thick and thin. Kanta the wife of Kailash comes to know about the black deed committed by her husband and about the police action taken against him. 

In the meanwhile, Kailash's son Kanwal becomes a grown up man and comes to the city. Strangely enough he forms friendship with Bimla daughter of late Sethji who is a class mate of his college. Both Kanwal and Bimla are drawn towards each other day by day and are bound together by bonds of love, but a dancing girl who is staying in the neighbourhood of this pair poisons the romantic atmosphere by her love for Kanwal. This enrages Bimla who disappointed with her lover. Kanwal leaves the place in her car with breakneck speed and finally involved in an accident and ultimately sent to hospital. Late on what happens is unfolded on the screen.......

[From the official press booklet]